The Collgar Community Fund established by Collgar Wind Farm Pty Ltd, provides sponsorship to fund local projects that benefit the Shire of Merredin and surrounding areas.

Collgar Wind Farm has a genuine interest in building the capacity of the communities in which we operate. A Grants Committee has been appointed to assess all applications and determine how best to allocate funds and in-kind contributions to maximise benefits for the community.

Sponsorship Guidelines


Through the Community Fund, Collgar supports initiatives that strengthen the local community through programs that enhance facilities in the Merredin region and surrounding areas. These focus areas include

  • Education and Training
  • Community Development
  • Health/Wellbeing
  • Environment


To be eligible for funding the project must fall into a Focus Area. For further information regarding eligability, please refer to the guidelines above.

  1. Complete the form on the Collgar Community Fund Funding Application or the Collgar Communtiy Fund Donation Application
  2. Submit your application to Collgar via
  3. The application will be assessed by the Grants Committee
  4. Once assessed, you will be notified of the outcome
  5. Post completion of the project or event, provide a summary report and photos

Collgar Community Fund Funding Application:

Application Form Funding

Collgar Community Fund Donation Application:

Application Form Donation