GRESB 2016 Infrastructure Report


GRESB is an industry-driven organization which assesses the Environmental, Social and Governance Sustainability (“ESG”) performance of real assets globally, including infrastructure assets. More than 250 members, of which about 60 are pension funds and their fiduciaries, use this data in their investment management and engagement processes, with a clear goal to optimize the risk/return profile of their investments.

The GRESB Rating is an overall measure of how well ESG issues are integrated into the management and holdings of infrastructure funds and assets. The rating is calculated relative to the global performance of reporting entities.

The GRESB 2016 Infrastructure Report assessed 51 infrastructure funds owning 134 assets in 53 countries. Of these, 47 are in Energy Generation, as shown in the graphic below.


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Of the 51 funds assessed, Collgars shareholder, UBS International Infrastructure Fund achieved the top score, ranking 1st for infrastructure funds globally.

Three of UBS’ investee companies achieved the top 5-star Rating, including Collgar Wind Farm, which was ranked 1st out of 47 Energy Generation assets and 9th out of all 134 infrastructure assets.


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