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About Collgar Wind Farm

Collgar Wind Farm is a $750 million renewable power project at Merredin in Western Australia’s central wheatbelt. Merredin farmers have leased portions of their properties to Collgar Wind Farm for the largest single stage wind farm in the southern hemisphere to date.

The giant Collgar project has been developed by international investment bank UBS and the Retail Employees Superannuation Trust (REST), Australia’s largest superannuation fund by membership with 2 million members.

The Collgar Wind Farm, built over a land envelope of 18,000 Ha, has 111 Vestas V90 turbines with a total power production capacity of 206 MW, generating between 650GWh to 850GWh per year, enough to provide electricity to power a small city of 120,000 and 170,000 homes. This is more than double the size and power generating capacity of the next two biggest wind farms in WA, at Walkaway near Geraldton and Emu Downs near Cervantes.

The Collgar Wind Farm has almost doubled the level of renewable energy in the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) from 5 percent to 9 percent. Government policy has established a target 20 percent renewable energy by 2020 across Australia.

Collgar Wind Farm generates and delivers clean, renewable electricity into the SWIS each year, thereby making a major contribution to Western Australia’s greenhouse gas reductions. These reductions are equivalent to taking 120,000 and 160,000 cars off the road or planting approximately 1 million trees.