Collgar News Room

Collgar March 2012 – Operational

Practical Completion was reached on 16th March 2012 which marked the official sign off of construction and the formal beginning of the Operation Phase of the wind farm. All 111 wind turbines have been successfully generating since October 2011 and the Collgar/ Vestas service and maintenance team is complete and based on site.

  • Wind Turbines Western Australia
  • Wind power generators viewing platform
  • Collgar Wind Farm display board

The Collgar Viewing Platform, located on Bulls Head Road, is completed and is the main public information point for the project. The platform is located in close proximity to a wind turbine and houses display boards presenting Collgar specific project information plus the Shire of Merredin local environmental and tourist information. The display boards will be updated quarterly with wind energy facts and are kept up to date with relevant information for the life of the project.

The Collgar Wind Farm town display in the Merredin Visitor Centre houses a miniature version of our wind turbine and showcases some project photos and wind energy facts. The Collgar fact sheet is also available as a brochure.

Collgar have been working with the Shire of Merredin to establish the Collgar Community Fund, information will be available on our website when the documentation is finalised.

Aerial photographs were taken of the wind farm to try and capture the span of the wind farm and to celebrate the impressive nature of this project. Check out the photos in the Gallery.