Community Benefits

Richo and Jacko in Narembeen


We all know the importance and positive effect that playing sport can have on a kid. Those positives are magnified out in the bush where sometimes kids can go for days without seeing another kid apart from their sibling, imagine that. The thing is though, providing sporting and therefore social opportunities for kids out in the bush, indeed anywhere, costs money. With this in mind the Narembeen sporting community banded together last Wednesday night to bring AFL identities Glen Jakovich and Matthew Richardson to town to try and ease the burden on the clubs trying the best for our kids.

What ensued was a wonderfully positive and well attended night. In excess of one hundred people made their way to the Narembeen Recreation Centre some from as far away as Merredin and Dumbleyung, to listen to the tales and hear the opinions of the two AFL greats. Nights like this are such a circuit these days, that some speakers can be disappointing, their efforts can be lacklustre and seem somewhat scripted. This was certainly not the case last Wednesday. Both Jakovich and Richardson spoke with a Richo and Jacko in Narembeen looseness that held the attention of the audience for almost two hours.

As the night wore on the two goals that the planners had in mind were being achieved. Firstly, as mentioned, there was a desire to raise money for junior sport and through a couple of popular raffles and a highly successful auction, this goal was certainly achieved. The auction itself became somewhat of a sideshow as there was some wonderfully tactical bidding just to push some eager buyers as far as they would go. Then the secondary goal of providing an enjoyable and stress free night out to the people of Narembeen was also achieved, as was shown by the fact that there were still so many people at the club as the doors closed.

Such a hugely successful night could not have been possible without the generous sponsorship of so many. David Grays Aglink, Ramelius Resources, Collgar Wind Farm, Go Narembeen, Narembeen Shire, SONIC Boomsprays, Mia Davies MLA, Chris Bray Electrical, TOTAL Ag, AMAC Mechanical and the Narembeen Club all generously supported the event. Thanks, must also go to the team at Ultimate Promotions for taking a risk on bringing such big names out to such a small community. Thanks to the faith of many and the hard work of just as many, a great night was had and great support was given to the future sporting endeavours of the kids of Narembeen.

Source; The Phoenix Newspaper, Merredin WA, 28th Feb 2020