Collgar Wind Farm consists of 111 wind turbines located approximately 25km south east of Merredin in Western Australia. The aim of the project was to develop an environmentally and economically sound wind farm that provides renewable energy to be used locally and exported to the WA’s South West Interconnected System (SWIS).

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The Collgar Wind Farm generates and delivers clean, renewable electricity into the SWIS each year, thereby making a major contribution to Western Australia’s greenhouse gas reductions. These reductions are equivalent to taking between 120,000 and 164,000 cars off the road each year, or planting 1 million trees. Collgar Wind Farm produces enough electricity to power between 122,900 and 167,500 Western Australian homes with renewable energy.

The electricity generated from each turbine is transmitted via underground and above ground cabling to a central cable marshalling point at the onsite substation, which is located next to the 220kV power line that runs through the site area. The substation then connects directly into the grid network on site.

Detailed site investigations were undertaken including ecological, heritage, visual and social, which formed the basis of the planning application for the project. Development approval was granted by Merredin Shire Council on 23 September 2008.

Early works on site commenced on 16 November 2009 and consisted of preparation for construction of the onsite substation and detailed geotechnical testing across the site.

Full construction works commenced in June 2010 and completed by October 2011.