Engagement with the local community is a critical objective of Collgar Wind Farm and is integral to the success of this project. Accordingly, a Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Plan was developed to ensure that open dialogue and information transfer could occur with local residents, stakeholders and the wider community in an efficient manner during the development phase of the project.

This website, the community open day held on 30th August 2008 and our display at the Merredin Community Show in March 2010 and March 2015 are some examples of past community consultation.

Throughout the projects construction phase and now in the operational phase, community consultation and engagement remains a critical element of the project. Collgar Wind Farm is ensuring immediate stakeholders and the wider Merredin community are kept up to date with project news through media coverage, website updates and information sessions.

Further assistance can be obtained by email on enquiries@collgar.com.au or by calling 08 9486 4152.