Collgar Wind Farm was identified by Windlab Systems Pty Ltd (Windlab) as a potential location for a wind farm in Western Australia in mid 2006.

An initial feasibility was undertaken to assessment on site to determine the suitability to accommodate a wind farm. These feasibility assessments were been based on the assessment criteria outlined below:

  • Landholders supportive of developing a wind farm on their property;
  • Proximity of site to sensitive visual receptors and ecological or historical environments;
  • Adequate wind resources (a wind monitoring tower was erected on site in April 2007, with two
  • additional towers installed in 2008);

  • Proximity to electricity network connection;
    • Suitable land in terms of:
    • Terrain and geology;
    • Ecological conditions;
    • Historic conditions;
    • Land area;
    • Compatible land uses;
    • Planning controls; and
    • Access to the site.

Following the determination of this site as a suitable location for a wind farm, Investec and Windlab engaged Bayley Environmental Services in February 2008 to undertake technical assessments (including ecological, visual, heritage etc) to assist in obtaining the relevant approvals.

Consultation with the community and relevant Government Authorities was undertaken over several months prior to the lodgment of the planning application with Merredin Shire Council, including the Community Open Day held on 30th August 2008.

Planning approval was granted by Merredin Shire Council on 23rd September 2008. Full construction commenced in June 2010 and was completed by October 2011. The production and export of the first renewable energy from the wind farm into the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) took place on the 14th May 2011, with all 111 WTGs generating energy from October 2011